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Minnesota LICA 2023
Membership Application

Please fill in the information below and send to:
MNLICA, 2570 130th Street, Dawson, MN 56323
-Questions??? Please call: Jennifer - Cell Phone: 320.226.6398

Please enroll me as a Member of the Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors Association. I understand that I will receive all member benefits, and that they will begin as soon as my application is approved, and my dues are received in the State Office. My membership fee includes membership in the National Land Improvement Contractors of America.

COMPANY: ___________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP: _____________________________________________________
OWNERS NAME: ______________________________________________________
SPOUSE NAME: _______________________________________________________
BUSINESS PHONE: ____________________________________________________
FAX: ________________________________________________________________
E-MAIL: ______________________________________________________________
DATE OF BIRTH: ______________________________________________________
Areas of Expertise – Circle those categories that apply to your company:
(CR) Crane Service – (DI) Drainage/Irrigation – (EC) Erosion Control – (EMC) Earthmoving/Land Clearing – (EXG) Excavating/Grading – (GR) Gravel/Rock Production – (HD) Hardscaping – (LL) Land Leveling – (LS) Landscaping – (ODW) Open Ditch Work – (OSW) On Site Waste Treatment – (PA) Paving – (PD) Ponds or Dams – (R) Reclamation – (SEP) Septic Systems – (SP) Site Preparation/Development – (SWU) Sewer/Water/Underground Utilities – (TH) Trucking or Hauling – (TW) Terraces or Waterways – (WM) Water Management


Note: Ten dollars of the membership fee is for the subscription to the MnLICA Newsletter and one hundred fifty dollars is paid to LICA as National dues.

Dues to the Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors of America is not deductible as a charitable contribution but may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Due to the “Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993”, a portion of dues attributable to MnLICA’s lobbying expenses are not deductible as a business expense. Ten percent of the dues amount shall be allocated to lobbying expense.

Money Back Guarantee for New Members
Minnesota LICA promises to any new member a 100% money back guarantee on their membership if they are not satisfied after the first year.

All they must do is agree to attend at least one State or National LICA Convention or Summer Meeting.

All requests for refunds must be sent in writing to the State Executive Director by February 28th following the end of the membership year.

This offer is available only to any first-time contractor member.

Contact us with questions or comments.


*Associates please see:
Printable Renewal Form:
Contractor Application
Mail Application with your check for $350.00 to:
MnLICA c/o Jenifer Breberg
2570 130th Street
Dawson MN 56323