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About us... 
For fifty years, LICA contractors have paved the way for our country's growth an expansion. We have contractors from coast to coast, providing a wide range of services: grading, excavating, drainage, landscaping, paving, wetland development and site preparation just to name a few.

Our contractors work in cities, on farms, ranches and in rural areas. They work with dedication and commitment to the professional conservation of soil and water. You should always choose a LICA Contractor for all your construction needs. Look for the familiar LICA triangle proudly displayed on our equipment.

If you are a contractor, you should become a member of this great association! We strive to improve the business climate by working for better legislation and regulations, by keeping our members abreast of the current changes impacting their operations, and providing training in the latest technology. 
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Welcome to Minnesota LICA!

Land, the foundation of the nation,
the basis of all wealth,
the heritage of the wise, the thrifty and prudent,
the poor man's joy and comfort,
the silent partner of man,
the producer of food, fiber and fuel,
the basis of factories,
the foundation of banks.
All that man builds is from the land.
We often take it for granted, or even abuse it,
and yet many unthinkingly and unknowingly pass the land by.
What man finally does with land
will be the deciding factor in his survival.