MNLICA - Minnesota Land Improvement Contractors - Contacts Legislative Issues

• 2020 •

Farm Taps
MNLICA has been working on ways to make farm taps safer. We are happy to report great strides are underway for a solution. MERC is in the process of obtaining MPUC approval for replacement, integrity verification, disconnection, alternative replacement and abandonment of farm taps. When fully approved and funded through the entire MERC system, the farm taps will be locatable, maintained by MERC and located through the GSOC system. A HUGE thank you to MERC for their efforts.

Recreational Marijuana
MNLICA members work diligently to provide safe workplaces. With many members struggling to fill jobs positions, MNLICA questions the wisdom of legalizing recreational marijuana, as it will remove a significant number of potential employees who will not pass a drug test. Making recreational marijuana legal removes the stigma currently attached to marijuana. Numerous sources have warned of the damage that marijuana can do to the brain, especially to teenagers who’s brains are still developing. For the safety of our families and employees, we oppose legalized recreational marijuana.

State Agencies
State agencies are formed to serve the public and serve the state. However, there have been instances when a state agency has drained a lake without permits and stood in the way of environmentally beneficial projects. Even though this agency is considered to have sovereignty, it should be emphasized that being a good neighbor is important for agencies and the environment. State agencies should be required to obtain local permits rather than act on their own. 

Health Insurance
Health care is becoming a major concern with increased costs and limited options. In many areas, small town providers are leaving and causing people to travel great distances for health care. Also, insurance coverage restricts where treatment can be obtained. MNLICA urges legislators to look for creative ways to deal with high health insurance costs.


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